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Extremely committed, always available, very confident and very agressive- puts 100% into selling your house-does not mislead you on what you should ask for it.  It will sell.

Stacey and Bryan Shaughness

Your team is highly time efficient and understood our long term real estate plans.  We would recommend your team to our friends for sure!

Neelam Mehta

We appreciate your help in selling our house at Fort Washington very much. We know this was a big job and it was done very well. Jay Day [And The Day Home Team] is a reliable company and we are sure about that.

Ruksana Ahmed

He was very helpful in helping us sell our home and purchase the home we are in. Thanks to him the buyer accepted our contract on our new home and I am very happy. Love Jay and would recommend him to anyone buying or selling a home.

Mike & Cheryl Hockensmith

Jay sold our house in 17 days. He did a video on our house and it looked like a mansion! Very impressive. He also got us an excellent sale price. Jay is the best real estate professional we hav e every met. We will definitely use him in the future. 

Maria & Gary Hicken

"I was very happy with what they did. They were on top of any questions I had and any showings of houses I wanted to see. They were very quick to respond and setup the showings. Ultimately, I found the house I wanted and things worked out well.

I was having issues with the bank at one point. I was not getting paperwork at a timely fashion. Vance the realtor for Jay Day stepped in and actually contacted the bank and made the necessary phone calls to get the ball rolling again. I don't think that was necessarily his responsibility but he stepped in to get things moving again."

Bryan Pearre

Jay Day and The Day Home Team and Christina took great care of me. I didn't know what to expect but they took care of everything and I ended up getting more for my house and sold faster than I imagined possible. They were professional and a lot of fun to work with.

Jeff Baker

“We just wanted to thank you for all your help finding the perfect 1st home. We are sooo happy here!! I know I need a lot of attention adn you gave it to me! We will NEVER use another agent, you have us for LIFE.”

Alicia Meyer

My experience with Jay Day and the Home Team was exceptional.  I was interested in a new home and the services and guidance for this mission required people working with me and providing me quality service.  Jay and his professional team worked with me and gave me the information that I needed to move to complete the sale of my house.   Jay and one of the representatives from his company met with me.  Yes, I asked a lot of questions, and Jay was prepared to address each of them.  The communication with his staff was excellent, also.   The photographer they used to take pictures of my house and posted them on the internet were amazing.  The flyers and pamphlets for my house were very impressive.  I had numerous showings for my house as well as people walking pass my house expressing an interest in purchasing it on the second day!!  The listing for my house pleased me.  When my house was sold there were people asking me if I was interested in selling my house.  My house sold fast!!!  Kudos to the Jay Day team and everyone who worked with them.  If you are looking for quality service and people who really care for you, I highly recommend Jay Day and the Team!   

Geraldine Wyche

“It was fantastic! They did a great job, they did a beautiful brochure, all of the marketing material was great. I actually ended up receiving a sales price over my asking price. I listed the house twice. I listed it once for personal reasons, took it off the market, and then listed it again. They worked very closely with me and were very understanding on the cancellation of the first listing, and then really helped me out with the second listing. They just did a fantastic job. They’re always very responsive but, in this case they were very understanding and professional in dealing with the cancellation and then re-listing.”

Cindy McAuliffe

Awesome team of professionals!! It's always a pleasure to work with people who are not only brilliant at what they do, but genuinely love their work 

Amberly Dozier

Christina was such an amazing agent to have representing us when we purchased our home. She is knowledgable, dedicated, always looked out for our best interest, and was always available when we had questions. I would highly recommend Christina and the rest of Jay's team. They are amazing!


Tammy Brown

"Quick and efficient and easy on my part. I live in Missouri and they were selling a house in Maryland for me, I was the estate representative. After one initial face to face meeting they literally took care of everything on the Maryland side, as far as locating contractors to repair some termite damage. They managed the whole process for me and literally all I had to do was take care of a few authorizations over the telephone and internet. I only met them one time face to face."


Mark Miller

"At first, we had a different Realtor who did nothing with the house. We decided to switch, and during the interview with the Day Home Team, I was complaining about having to stage the house. Christina turned to me and said, "If you want to sell your house, you have to stage it." She was very firm in what she wanted us to do, so we listened. In a shorter amount of time, and with a lot more effort than the previous agent had put in, we got amazing results."

Kristiina Frost

“…I thank you for taking your time & explaining the whole house buying process. Words can not express how grateful I am that you were my realtor.  The time & dedication you put into your job is commendable. Thank you again and I am sure this is not the last time you will be hearing from me! Oh by the way I do see what a difference a DAY makes.”

Susan Pellock

"A family member of mine knew someone who worked with them in the office. Christina came out and talked with my aunt and myself. They worked with us all they way through. This was new for my aunt, her being 83 and had lost a husband and needed to sell her house. They were very sensitive to the situation. Christina made sure we scheduled showings at a time that was convenient for my aunt. We asked that most of them be scheduled in the afternoons and Christina had to reschedule a couple because people wanted to come earlier. Christina also came out and explained everything to my aunt a couple times just to make sure she understood everything with the sale. It was a good experience!"

Clifton Freeman

Now that we are mostly settled, our family would like you to know how appreciative we are regarding Vance Ziglar's great job helping us to locate a new home in Maryland. While we have relocated a number of times in the past, this move was our most difficult for a number of reasons. Even though our needs were challenging and the journey was rife with drama, Vance stayed with us and helped us to finally locate our new home. During our search we found Vance to be, personable, a true professional, and always a gentleman. Vance was and is an excellent communicator. He was always available via phone or text when we could not be in Maryland. Vance responded immediately or, most importantly, notified us when he would be able to reply to our calls. Working with an experienced real estate agent and someone knowledgeable in local financial assistance is always an asset.  As we were relocating from out of state, it could not have been more important. We found Vance to be most knowledgeable of the area and the available properties. This was a definite plus when we had so much ground to cover and special needs to address in our search for a home. Vance worked with us in all adversities, including bad weather, the failure of offers on homes, home inspections and finally the constricting time factor. Through the entire process, Vance was truly a “great scout” and all that implies. Although, “Thank you, Vance” seems to be inadequate; we are truly most appreciative and thankful for Vance’s efforts to aid us in locating a new home. We send our thanks and kudos to Vance and the Day Home Team for a job well done.

Bill, Elaine and Patrick Kowicki

Jay Day and his team were amazing to work with.  Our house had some challenges and they were instrumental in helping us get it sold.  They are very professional and  have a strong sense of where pricing should be. The office staff is very helpful and efficient.  I do not think our home would have sold without the entire team and their expertise.  

Diana VanStone

Christina and the Jay Day Home Team have been instrumental in preparing, listing and generating multiple showings on our property! We are very pleased to be working with them to sell our home.


Karen Black

Dear Christina,

I would like to sincerely thank you for your help in selling my properties which I have had no luck previously in getting them sold. Even though this was a very small sale, you made me feel like it was worth much more through your dedication and commitment and perseverance, keeping me well informed throughout the whole process in a timely fashion. I was also impressed with your knowledge and expertise in this field and how you got about managing all the involved parties and seeing this process to its fruition. It has been a pleasure working with you and look forward to making more sales with you again. I know who I will refer my friends to, who need a great agent like yourself.

Dr Aladdin Bolad

Christina and the Day Team worked a miracle for us. They KNOW their business and do an excellent job! When another real estate agency did not 'work' for us and our interests, the Day Team was hired and Christina was our agent. Our property was a hard one to sell, so we appreciated her knowledge, communication and insightful expertise. She was firm and direct as to what our part was in selling our house. After only a couple weeks on the market, our house was sold to the first client that walked through! We were thrilled! I would recommend Christina and the Day Team to ANYONE selling their house. You can't go wrong! It was an amazing experience! Love Christina and the Day Team!

Tiina Frost

 After going through the frustration of 2 different realtors and having my house on the market for a year and having 70 + prospective buyers tour my house, not one buyer put down a contract. And then I heard about the Jay Day Home Team and called them immediately. They told me not to worry about anything. And to my great surprise and relief, in less than 1 week, I had a solid contract. And the buyer offered $4000 more than the asking price. I was sure I must be dreaming. The Jay Day Team were true to their word. They were honest, professional, extremely easy and fun to work with and I bless the day that I made that call because honestly, I had just about given up on ever selling my home. So for all of you out there who want to sell your homes, for goodness sakes, pick up that phone and call Jay Day Home Team. Then sit back, relax and watch the offers come in. I could never thank them enough for removing what seemed like a 10,000 lb weight off my shoulders. Thank You Jay Day and special kudos to your beautiful wife and partner Christina whose hard work made it all happen.

Karen Burke

Jay and his Team are the best real estate company in the area. Not only are they innovators in real estate marketing but also customer focused business development.


Scott Shine

We're not sure what sold our home so quickly...the fantastic marketing...the professional staging...the professional photography...or the over the top Agent! Probably a combination of all the above. We couldn't have had a better experience. Signing with Jay Day and The Day Home Team was simply the best decision we made. We would only recommend Jay Day and The Day Home Team to sell and purchase your home. 

Deanna Schaeffer & Mike Townsend

"Well I ended up in my new home which I had been anticipating for quite some time and the process of staging and photography and the pamphlets was wonderful. I had it listed with another company to begin with and got no results whatsoever and I really was much happier with Christina and the rest of the Jay Day Team. Christina for one, I told her that she needed an enormous amounts of patience with me because I just got her helping me sell my home, when I went to purchase my next home I was kind of all over the board with what I wanted and she was just very tolerant and patient and so helpful. And you know when I told her one thing and I told her one idea I had and she would come up with dozens of results for me to explore and then when I would change my mind she would be right back on top of finding results of what else I needed. I would refer them to anybody!"

Erika Whipp

We recently entrusted the sale of our home to the Day Team. We came into the purchasing season a little late, but Christina and Jay didn't let that hinder their ability to sell our home. We reached out to them through Glenn Beck. Within a few days we had contact with them, and a sit down meeting soon thereafter. Christina was very informed about our neighborhood and what it would take to sell our home. Christina laid out a comprehensive plan of attack and put us on track for a quick sale. The Day Team provided a superior marketing strategy, and staging process which included a top notch stager who met with us at our home. Our home was sold and we couldn't be happier with the work that the Day Team did to help us move. Thanks!

Tracey Bergson

When my tax clients are looking to buy or sell a home, I refer them to Jay and The Day Home Team. Its great to have a trusted resource like Jay that shares our client first philosophy. We only get excellent feedback from our clients.

Greg Talbott

"First of all, I think Jay is a professional. What I mean by that is, you almost have to hear the way I'm saying it to know what I mean. He's not just a guy who is just professional and nice and friendly and all that. He's professional, meaning his craft is real estate and he is relentless at market knowledge, at dealing with negotiations, and working with local markets. The guy is a professional! We had a really good experience working with him, and I think it goes back to his work ethic, industry knowledge, local knowledge, and his ability to negotiate well. Really, he was stellar in every avenue!

He was able to negotiate lower pricing while getting us the bid from the seller. He did so many things that I wouldn't have been able to do on my own. We were first-time home buyers in the state of Virginia and we weren't 100% of the areas and other prospects, but he excelled in giving us peace of mind that we were making a good investment. Everything he did along the way I would consider above and beyond. His communication was so on point . As someone who is a heavy analyzer, like myself, or someone who just needs more information, I never got the feeling that he had any other clients. I feel like I was just given better service and that has to do with communication and all the many other things that I just mentioned that I think made him stand out above the rest. My wife is in the real estate industry working for a national builder, so she has a lot experience with real estate agents, and she was blown away by Jay Day."

"We worked with Christina and she was amazing. She showed up to the first appointment, she was prepared, she had already looked at the comps in the neighborhood, she told us what she needed from us, she walked through the house, and she was very upfront and professional. It was great.

We were only clients for somewhere around six weeks. The house went on the market on a Thursday. We had a fully executed contract within 10 days and we closed three weeks after that. Christina got us $5,000 above what the house appraised at and she was there for us every step of the way. She was the reason the contract went so quickly and we were able to be completely done with the process in literally six weeks. We met with her and moved out of our house all within six weeks!"

Angela Denisiuk

We had very good results when we worked with the Day Home Team. They treated us like family and we treated them like family. It was a long road, but we got through it and sold our home and found another beautiful home. Everything was above and beyond the norm and if I had to give them a grade, I’d give them an A+.


Paul & Karen Edmonds

Jay Day and his team are excellent! Unlike any other realtors I've dealt with. They really listened to what we wanted and helped us all along the way. I will never use another realtor team, and in fact have referred others to his team, including my sister-in-law!

The Colburns

GREAT STAFF! I found them so down to earth and easy to talk to. I think I made genuine friends.

Don Griffith

“Your team delivered as promised by allowing me to locate tenants suitable for renting my property within the projected time frame. I sincerely appreciated Christina’s responsiveness and the way she conducted business. I have since recommended your company to others because of our satisfaction with your service. I look forward to doing business with you again in the event the situation presents itself for selling my rental property. Saying Christina provided outstanding service would certainly be an understatement. No need to improve. Christina should certainly continue what she’s doing. Christina you rock!!!”

Lynn Sweeney

As the owner of this home, we just want say how impressed we were with Jay Day and his team. They provided a professional stager and photographers to showcase our home beautifully. The team was on top of every aspect and truly made us feel as if we were their ONLY client. Their fast response to all of our inquiries were very professional and very prompt. The Jay Day team made the selling process so easy for us and were by our side with every step. Thank you so much for a great experience

Annette Stover

Jerry and I are in shock, we have been trying to sell our home since last February.  I heard about Jay Day and the Home Team on 99.9 WFRE.
I gave them a call and they sold our home in 30 days.  Christina is just wonderful, the whole process of them helping us get our home ready and their marketing is amazing.  This is by far the BEST real estate team!  If you need to sell your home, please call the Jay Day Home Team!  You will be amazed what they can do for you. 

Jerry & Sherry Abel

Christina is the best. She has successfully sold every listing for me in record time. I would highly recommended her.

Joe Macco

If you are looking to sell your home quickly in the Frederick area, you should call Christina Day. Not only was she incredibly knowledgeable about the home sale process; but she was open, patient, friendly and most importantly: honest with regard to her expectations of us as sellers; what she thought needed to be accomplished with regards to getting our home ready for market; her expectations of our home selling with regard to time frame and amount; and, what we, as sellers, should expect of and receive from her as our agent. Our house sold in an amazingly rapid fashion, due in large part to the pre-sale exposure that the home received. We received an offer after the first weekend that the house was listed as available. We could not have asked for more from an agent than the service that we received from Christina. She will be our first recommendation to anyone who is looking to sell a home.


Linda Clay and Gloria Lewis

We could not be happier with Christina and the entire team! She sold our condo in 2 weeks with snow on the ground! We had tons of showings and walked away with a great profit! Thank you!!


Hilary Tureski Hall

"[My experience with Jay Day and the Jay Day Home Team] was fabulous. It was the first time we had worked with Jay and his team and we weren't quite sure what to expect. We were selling a home we were very attached to and were very emotional, and they made it a very positive experience for us. We had started with one gal who ended up leaving about a week into our selling process. It created a bit of unrest, but Jay himself took over and made sure that our house was selling at a price point that was accurate within the comps. Originally the gal had listed it higher, but Jay came in and showed that he knows his stuff - he knew that the $450K price point was a bit high for the comps. I was a little bit frustrated because she had listed it for this point and now we were having to lower the price before we even really put it on the market. He explained why it had to be that way, and every time we had a question - whether it was about the price, the stager, or the brochure he made - he had an answer, followed through, and, usually within an hour, would get back to us with an answer. It wasn't like you were waiting and waiting and waiting, which was huge for my husband and me. He brought a professional stager and photographer in, took pictures, put them in brochures, put the brochures in the box out front, and made sure the box was never empty. Another thing that I think helped sell our home was a Coming Soon sign they put in our yard a few weeks before listing it. This created a lot of interest in the home. Our house was listed on a Friday, and we had probably 18-20 showings from Friday to Sunday and five offers by Sunday. Two I think were asking price, one was cash and above asking price. Ben and I both feel that was based on how Jay marketed the house. I told folks that I feel like he knows what he's doing and you're never guessing - he can answer your questions immediately and accurately!"

Criste Seeley May

I would like to extend my Thank You's to the Jay Day Home Team!!
I had heard about them from my favorite radio station WFRE when I was living in Frederick.  When I decided to move and sell my home I had every intention of using them but went with a referral from a friend - needless to say 6 months later the house was still on the market.  I contacted Jay Day immediately - Jay worked with me to go over all of the options available to see what would work with my situation.  Not only had I already moved out of Maryland but I owed more than the appraised value.
Based on the options I decided to try and sell it within a 2 month period and then rent it if nothing happened.  Jay would have assisted with the rental as well.  It sounded like an excellent solution to my situation.  The pictures were taken and the house was put on the market.  The first day there were more showings on the house than what was done in the 6 months the other realtor had the house.  The house sold the 4th day it was on the market - talk about excitement!!  I had given it 2 months and it sold in 4 days - 4 days!!
If you are thinking about selling your home - don't do what I did - start with Jay Day and you wont be disappointed!!

Jodee Gilman

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! That's all I can say. Your agency has been a pleasure to deal with and your sales rep, Christina Lovell has always looked out for me in the past, and today was no different. Look forward to using you in the future.

William Davis

Christina Lovell with the Jay Day teams was wonderful to work with. She was very knowledgeable, and helped ease our concerns along the way. She made a very stressful process as easy as possible. All of our dealings with the Jay Day team was very positive and resulted in getting our home sold in  approx. 4 months time, from the first meeting with Christina to closing.

Leslie Brennan

Jay knows real estate. He knows exaclty how to price a home and get it sold. He worked very hard to make the deal happen even though there were 11th hour obstacles with my sale. Jay stuck with me and worked out all of the details to make it happen. Jay also made things work on the house that I purchased, it had some last minute details that he was able to quickly address and work out. Jay is someone I trust and would recomment him to anyone that wants an experienced, thorough agent that will give them straight answers. Jay surrounds himslelf with strong team members that alos come thru for the customer. Jay has a great attitude, it was a pleasure doing business with him. You can count on Jay and his team!

Missy Ulicky

The best team in the business! You aren't a client, you are family! Christina and Jay love what they do and will always be there to see you through from start to finish.


Sydney Pace

First day on the market - sold by Christina! She and her team did everything right, marketed well, provided solid advice. I will always go to them first when buying or selling a house!

Sandra Bruce

five stars all around for everything and everything the team has done. Christina Lovell is our agent and we have had no problems or suggestions and knowledgeable people who work with her and they are always willing to help!!!! 100% without a question I would use them again!!!

Jes Cornbower

The Day Home team are simply amazing. We send all our clients who are looking in Westminster, MD to this really good team. They are responsive and very professional, and they are also one of the top teams in the nation!!

Goran Forss

"Christina with Jay Day and The Day Home Team was the best.  She helped in every way imginable with the prepartion and details resulting in a quick sale. If you want a professional call Christina"


Dr. Sara Tarr

If you need your home sold fast, Jay Day's team is the one that will get the job done! I'll be sending all my referral clients your way and thank you for a job well done!

Rob Golfi

After my house not selling for 6 months, I changed to the Jay Day Team with Christina. House sold in 1 month during one of the worst cold/snow spells of the year. If you need results, these are the people to talk to.


Marilyn Trent

We were so impressed with the professional stager, best advertising pamphlets and website exposure. Always readily available for all questions and queries via phone, email and even text. Really took care of us through negotiations and important decisions.

Lydia & Phillip Kowalski

Christina told us that, due to the upper level price range of out home, it would take four to six weeks to get a contract. Because of her presentation and effort, we sold our home, for our asking price, in just over two weeks. I would say that is evidence of Christina’s knowledge of the area and presentation expertise.

Dorothy & John Schultz

Mr. & Mrs. Pitzer

"We put our house on the market in March and then it was sold in May so our results with them were very good. The Jay Day team contacted both of the people who put offers in on the home and rejected the first and accepted the second for us. They just made it a smooth process so everything worked out really well."

Anne & Kenneth Reese

The process they use of getting an appraisal of your home, bringing in a stager to help set up the house and then getting it plenty of attention really helps. We listed our home and within 8 days we had 16 showings and two offers. As a result, we not only sold our house in a very short time, but we received 99% of the asking price and appraised value.

Tommy DeWeese

Christina was such an amazing agent. She is professional and kept my family in the loop EVERY step of the way. If I had to do it all over again, it would be Team Christina!

Sandra Massie-Calhoun

Christina and the Jay Day Home Team are absolutely awesome, we are in the process of buying our dream home and Christina has went above and beyond to make this experience as simple and stress less as possible. I definitely recommend her to everyone I know. The Jay Day Home Team is my realtor for life. Thank you guys!!!


Debbie Caples

In 2009, my husband and I began our search for our first home. We were young and inexperienced in a time of economic downturn for the housing market. We found a short sale townhouse in January and called the number on the Jay Day and The Day Home Team’s sign out front. Upon calling, Maxann Davis made herself immediately available to show us the house. She was extremely personable, made us feel at ease, and answered all of our questions about a short sale. She was upfront in explaining the length of time short sale homes were taking. We decided to take the plunge and signed an offer in the first week of January, 2009. It took four months for us to close on our home. Maxann kept us informed weekly, meeting to amend the contract, and required the seller to get a lawyer to protect us as the buyers. We settled on April 14, 2009. At the meeting, Jay and Maxann were there to talk us through the process. At the end of the meeting, they gave us postcards with a picture of our new townhome to send to family and friends. The professionalism and dedication of Maxann, Jay and the rest of Jay Day and The Day Home Team is unparalleled to other real estate companies in the area. We would gladly recommend them to anyone and everyone!

Katie & Peter Wiley

My home had been on the market for nearly a year with little action and within two months with Jay it was sold! He did a great job staging the home and recommending improvements that made the home more attractive to buyers without costing a fortune. Our experience was really great. The team was very supportive. We didn’t feel any pressure at all. The process was very thorough. We would recommend the team to friends and family for their professional experience!

Ray and Kristen Boccelli

"We probably looked at about 5 houses and it didn’t take too long for me to find something that I liked. We worked with Vance Ziglar and he was just awesome. I can’t even tell you everything he did for us. There was problem upon problem with the previous owners and it was just really frustrating to deal with but he was always there taking care of it. I was really impressed with how quick he was to get on it and help with everything."


“Nothing short of excellent, my expectations were more than met, they were superseded. I used them both for the selling and buying of a new property. The selling of my house one and then buying of a new one. When I was ready to close the prior owner was being very difficult and they were trying to do something that was not ethical. They were holding some papers from me. I told them I was going to call up the team and they stood behind me. They put the commission thing aside and they were really committed to my sole satisfaction.”

Ivan Carbonell

I've worked with Jay several times now, both selling and buying homes. I've gotten exceptional results every time. The first time I used Jay, I was trying to sell house on the market for a year and once he took over it was only a matter of months and it sold. I think they do a good job of staging the house when you are ready to sell and also they are pretty aggressive when negotiating a contract. They always look out for the best interest of the client instead of just wanting a deal done so they can make their money.

Kristen Bauer

It was great being with Jason from Jay Day and The Day Home Team.  Jason never gave up on us and was always ready to show a home at any time.  Jason was the person that found our home.  He worked with us to find out what we were looking for and researched until we settled on this one.  Thank you Jason for all the help and not giving up!  I never had a chance to meet any others in the firm.  If anyone needs a Realtor then the Day Home Team is the way to go.  Thanks again Jason!!!

Jerry Lipscomb

Our experience with Jay Day was wonderful. His use of technology with marketing, and the entire process, is cutting edge and sets him apart from traditional realtors. He knows what buyers are looking for and what draws them in, and he puts it to work for you! We were amazed at how quickly our  house was sold, especially since the market was headed south and it was a short sale. His team helped us through what could have been a tortuous experince and made the whole process much more bearable. I highly recommend him to other.

Colleen Kolobow

Your mastery of the home buying market was a great help to me. Timeliness and thoroughness were hallmarks of your work. And, your attention to my needs and expert negotiation skills were more than welcome at all times.

Hank Krafft

Jay Day and the Day Home Team were very knowledgeable about my local market. They did an excellent job marketing and determining competitive pricing. Our houses sold in 4 days! We will definitely use Jay Day for our future home sales.

Diana Van Stone

The Jay Day and the Day Home Team is a 5 out of 5 star agency.  From the start, our agent Christina provided us with the tools and support we needed to get the job done!  From the stager to the fantastic support planners in the Day Home Team office, everyone focused on one job:  selling my house.  Christina and her team provided excellent visibility for my house; this visibility sold the house in six days and over asking price.  I highly recommend the Day Home Team!



David Jansing

He is extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and patient. I would definitely recommend him to friends and family. Jay Day understands his clients. Being a first time home buyer, Jay Day definitely made me feel at ease during the process.

Medina White

Realtors Report Card

1) People Orientation – A

2) Knowledgeable Of Financial Aspects Of Real Estate – A

3) Very Customer Oriented, Easy To Deal With – A

4) Goes Beyond The Call Of Duty In Helping To Get House Sold – A

5) Dresses Like A Typical Real Estate Professional (white shirt, tie & 3 piece suit) – F

6) Take Criticism And Has A Sense Of Humor – A

7) Would Recommend Jay Day To Your Friends – Definitely!!!

Jay I thought you would enjoy my sense of humor. A job well done. Enjoy and keep in touch.

Ken Knight

“They were able to make my home more appealing which resulted in a quick sale needed to purchase a new home. The staff has proven to be quite knowledgeable. This team has the best agents to call on if you’re in the need of selling your home. I’ve already passed referrals on to my fiance and daughter.”

Daniel Young

Jay Day has been pleasure to work with. He is extremely knowledgable, very honest, and driven to get the deal done. Our home was listed quickly and accurately. The virtual tour was perfect. The showings happened quickly with repeat visits. He helped us negotiate correctly....maximizing our price  and not loosing the deal from greed. Paperwork was flawless and the closing went smooth.


Braden Maley

The best team in the business! You aren't a client, you are family! Christina and Jay love what they do and will always be there to see you through from start to finish.

Sydney Price

We had a great experience with Jay Day and the Day Home Team. They helped us find a house to build. They were very helpful throughout the process and we are very happy with our new home.

Alon Nager

"The results were absolutely fantastic. They were an absolute pleasure to work with. We engaged them because we had trouble selling this home, it is an estate property. We actually engaged them after dealing with another realtor. They were able to get the job done in a very professional and quick manner. I absolutely loved working with them.

The unique circumstances with this particular sale, being that it was an estate sale, I'm sure they deal with estate sales all the time. The thing that sticks out in my mind is when we needed recommendations they were able to make those recommendations with absolutely no problem. There was an instance where there were some repairs that needed to be done. I asked them and they had recommendations for handy men that were in the area that could make the repairs. Not once did they ever leave me hanging or leave me with any kind of questions."

Jason Hedges

"Long story short, Christina sold our house in a pretty quick time frame. She was really efficient and helpful, sort of pushy with certain things. At the end of the day we were able to find middle ground that helped us get the outcome that we needed. Having our house sell at a specific price and have it sell within a specific time frame because we were having a place built. We needed everything to line up and it very closely did. I don't think we could have asked for it to work out better than it did to be honest. Our builder was facing major delays because of issues that they did not plan for. Our house sold pretty quickly. Christina was able to negotiate a lease back for our place so we could stay there an extra two weeks. She also worked with our builder to figure out different things they could be doing to better our living situation. Just all around she was extremely helpful, mainly with the lease back but also in terms of setting appointments and working around our schedule. We had a tight schedule for when we could do showings and she was aggressive with how much she wanted to show the house. It all worked out pretty well I'd say."

David Lattimore

"Communication between them and I was great! Anytime they had someone interested they would text me about it, text me the results of what they thought about it. I thought they did a fine job. They were one of the only real estate companies that came in there an didn't try to blow smoke. They were honest and straight forward about what the house was worth and what they thought it would sell for. That is pretty much what it sold for! They also made it very convenient for me to do all the paperwork."

Dan McMahon

Years ago, Christina was our mortgage officer on our first home. After some trying personal times, we were thrilled to know she was an agent she could help us buy our perfect little forever home. She represented us with compassion and honesty, and we could not be happier! Thank you guys!!!


Meredith Welty Nickles

I heard of Jay Day via the WFRE radio station every morning as I drove into work. I was already in an agreement with another Realty Company which wasn't doing much for me. I contacted Jay via email as soon as the other contract was up and as soon as the paperwork was completed they already had people lined up for walk throughs. I was totally impressed on the quick turnaround. I had my first offer within 24 hours Jay Day and The Day Home Team - You are the BEST!



Tina Jones

"The process was quicker than I thought it would be. It is a hard time to sell your place. I had sold and moved and was just waiting to get my home sold. I was very satisfied with it, they handled it very well. They worked hard for me because my husband was very ill at the time, in fact he passed away before the place sold. Christina always called and kept me up to date on how things were going and kept moving things along. I appreciated that. She was always in touch so I didn't have to keep calling to see what was going on and that was very helpful to me."

Nancy Winfield

“I got phenomenal results. They were very personable and knowledgeable of the area. They really took the time to understand what we were looking for. They helped guide us through the process to help us find our dream home.

I think the first consult is the first thing that comes to mind. He sat down with me and had my wife on the phone, we were in different states at the time. We walked through our wish lists of wants and needs and helped us truly narrow it down.”

Joed Carbonell

We can not thank you enough for all the assistance and guidance you gave us during the selling process of our house.  We know there were some “issues” but with your professionalism and compassion, we were able to get to settlement! Please know that we gladly refer you to friends who need real estate advise – you are the best!

Jerry Lauer & Anna Martin

Christina is hands down the best Real Estate Agent I have had the great fortune of working with. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional and truly cares about her clients. It is rare to see her type of honest and genuine passion. She surpassed my expectations and certainly made a lasting impression. There is no doubt in my mind that I will contact her in the future for all my Real Estate needs!!!!


Jay and his team put us at total ease, told us he’d have it sold in 30 days and sure enough 29 days later we were out of there! forever grateful.

Bobby & Laura LaBoiteaux

"Everything was better than you could imagine. Jay got our house on the market quickly, set us up with a stager, and sold our home in 8 hours.  They were flexible with my timeline as well as the market's timeline.  There's always a sweet spot in the real estate and they were able to put us at ease by getting everything in order."

Mr. & Mrs Thongphok

The Jay Day Team first sold out our home and then we used them to purchase our next home. When we first contacted Jay Day, our home had been on the market for 14 months and we weren't having any luck. We heard an ad for Jay Day on the radio and got in touch with them because we were very interested in their marketing plan. We took our home off the market and met with Christina a few times and discussed her marketing plan. Once we put our home back on the market we had tons and tons of traffic through the house, so clearly the marketing plan worked. We even got an offer, so it was very successful!

After having such a great experience with Christina, we went with her again when we were buying. We went over expectations of what we were looking for and she found a whole bunch of listings online for us to look at. She took us to a whole bunch of houses but we found a house on the second trip out with her. She took us through buying it and was really flexible with us and our timeline, so now we're in our new house!

Communication was above and beyond. It didn't matter what day of the week it was or what time it was, she would always get in touch with us. Even if she called back to say she's at her daughter's ice skating competition or she was driving somewhere, she would let us know exactly when she was going to be available. Every question was always answered whether it was an email, text, or a phone call. I have no idea how many clients they have, but we felt like we were the top priority. Everyone always paid attention to us, knew who we were, responded to our questions in a timely fashion, and their marketing program really worked. I have no idea how much effort it took for them to do it all, but it really worked!

Ty and Lisa Bosnjak

We were very impressed with our service. Christina was always prompt and professional. We felt extremely secure in our dealings with her. I would highly recommend her to any others who may be in the market to buy, sell, or rent a home at the present time or in the future.

Efrem Prayer

“Well we had our house on the market for about six months, so we were anxious to sell. Through the whole experience, Christina and Jay Day and the whole team were completely behind us and giving us good advice and directions. We were very happy with the experience. Christina came out in a snowstorm because we had to get a paper signed, so she made that effort to come out to our house in the storm to make sure that we got it signed and processed when we needed it. They would go that far to get things done!”

Kimberly Novakowski

Timely, friendly, informative, personal. Highly recommended!

Matthew F. & Tricia A. Wood

The Day Home Team made sure everything was done as quickly as possbile.  Purchasing a Short Sale was not easy however Shannon did an amazing job.

Tim Sheckells & Chelsea Asher

I strongly recommend Jay Day and his team to act as your real estate agents.  He is extremely knowledgeable and truly serves the interests of his clients. He employs innovative marketing strategies and will take whatever actions are necessary to market your property in these difficult economic conditions. His honesty and concern for his clients are apparent in his actions and the sound advice he always provides. I have worked with a number of real estate agents over the years and Jay’s talents and efforts have far surpassed everyone. I truly trust Jay and recomment him without reservation.

Paul Greer

Drew &I feel we must share this with everyone.

Jay Day and the Day Home Team have been our listing our home with Christina Lovell assigned as the listing agent. We cannot overstate our satisfaction with the services that have been delivered. From the time we selected Jay Day and the Day Home Team we have been highly pleased with the advice provided prior to listing execution, for the professional staging advice, for the professional photography and videography all of which resulted in a significant level of traffic through our property.

Christina conducts frequent status updates that encompass traffic analysis along with an analysis of the feedback received. We have at all times been fully informed and have been advised on the best path forward throughout the period of the listing. Support for contract offering and negotiations have also been provided at the highest professional levels.

From our perspective as real estate investors during contract reviews, Christina provided advice for making the offer better from the seller’s perspective by catching minute details that made all the difference in our counteroffer. All the time, we were fully in control of the counteroffer, but the data Christina provided along with the rationale for the recommended decision fully supported our objectives.

In short, the promises made by the Day Home Team were not only delivered upon, but were more fully delivered than expected. We cannot thank them enough for their professional counsel and their support of us as the sellers of an unusually appointed property.

We would highly recommend Jay Day and the Day Home Team to anyone seeking excellent professional services for all your real estate needs.

Barbara Urbassik

Marketing was excellent. Brochures presented the property very nicely! Realtor was exceptional and kept us calm during tough negotiations!!

Jeffrey & Margaret Creason

We couldn't have been happier with the results working with the Jay Day and The Day Home Team.  From Day One, they never shied away from the challenge of selling our unique, historic home. Working with the stager was a great experience and her recommendations helped to highlight all the charm and character that made our house special. The staging, the photographs, the marketing materials all had a very professional feel and look to them. Throughout the whole process everyone involved was very positive and confident that we would be able to find a buyer. After about a month on the market, we were delighted to receive an offer, and that's when the team at Jay Day really kicked into high gear.  From helping us decipher the home inspection report, to recommendations on contractors, termite inspectors etc. they helped us get everything done in a very short time frame.  Overall, I think the most impressive thing about the team was that they were accommodating and understanding of the fact that we were a family with two young children.  They helped work around schedules for school graduations, ballet recitals and other very important family events. We would highly recommend the Jay Day Home Team to anyone looking to sell their home. 


Louis & Lindsey Rolfes

As a family who recently sold our 31 year home, we’d like to recommend Jay Day and his team to be your professional real estate agents. Jay and his team gave us excellent advice in preparing our home for presentation for sale, helped us establish a fair price for our needs and guided us through the process of showings and contract finalization. Jay and his stager helped us arrange our home to make it more presentable to prospective buyers. When we received a contract proposal, Jay helped us work through the negotiations so that we were able to reach an agreement. Jay has maintained contact with us long after settlement and we would not hesitate to recommend Jay & his team to sell your home.

Jim & Sandy Smith

Due to my mother's health issues, we made a decision to sell her house. I contacted the JayDay team and Christina met with us. Christina worked with us and the house sold very quickly. Christina was most gracious and flexible as our strategy changed (due to my Mom's illness). She gave me the time I needed to make arrangements, brought additional ideas to the table (reverse mortgage to purchase, etc), and was so helpful and pleasant to deal with. It has been a difficult time this year with Mom, but I am thankful that Christina was there to guide us thru the selling process, flexible in getting documents signed, etc., and working to address concerns raised by the potential buyers. I could not be more pleased with Christina and the JayDay Team.

Marlene Burke

Jay Day and The Home Team are truly the best of the best. We live in Florida and the house being sold was in Perry Hall. The distance made it a little challenging but The Home Team was always understanding and compassionate and professional. Look forward to meeting them one day. They made the entire process very rewarding! I highly recommend them!

Lois Abshire

I have had nothing but phenomenal results and experiences with The Day Home Team. Christina Lovell was amazing with the sale of our first home. She walked us threw the sale process and had us under contract for asking price within a week of listing our property. 
Jay and Christina together worked diligently with us to find a unique farm that met our specific needs. And now that we are looking to upgrade to a larger farm will not trust anyone else to sell our home or get us in our new farm.

Linda Capaldo

“The house sold in seven or eight days after we did the initial staging. I think that Christina, our agent, just stuck to the guns and helped me to get through all of the issues and she fought for us. She was there the whole time and helped. In fact, everybody was. The overall experience was just great.”


Sold our townhouse in the dead of winter in less than 30 days. Knowledgable, reliable, responsive, realistic, friendly. Recently been helping with finding a home for my parents too. Will never use another realtor! And I will continue to recommend him to everyone I know looking to buy or sell!

Laura LaBoiteaux


“I had to sell my house under difficult circumstances and they just took charge. I would have never got out of there. I had a condo and I was having some big issues. I picked them because of the way they advertise, the pictures they put online. It was all well done. I sold my house in two days after it was put on the market. The people who bought it knew upfront about the problems going on with condos in the neighborhood and were still willing to buy it. I was so grateful for them because they went further, I think, than a normal agent would have gone. They are very professional, they stood up for me, and they got the job done!”


"I was overwhelmingly happy with the results. I worked with Christina and I couldn't ask for a better realtor. I was referred from a friend who heard their commercial on the radio. I called them and told them my situation, that my mom had passed and I needed to sell the house. Christina was very positive and had a plan for what to do. The whole thing started in mid January and by June I was at closing. The house went on the market in March and everything happened so fast. It was beyond and above what I thought could've happened given the situation I was dealing with my moms death. Christina stepped in and helped out and was the middle man in all the dealings. The whole Jay Day Team was awesome!"


Vanessa Johnson

Highly recommended! Hard working and extremely knowledgeable.


Jerry Pinkas

We had sold homes many times and thought that this time would be the same. Call a realtor, figure an asking price, and keep it clean. We were in for a big surprise this time. We decided where w e wanted to live (Carroll Vista) and called a few realtors (one of which was Jay Day, suggested by Pulte Homes At Carroll Vista). After interviewing we decided that Jay would be the one we wanted based on his knowledge of the market, his personality and frankness. We fough having a stager come in but in the end we were amazed at the results. The house almost looked like a model home in the way the furniture was arranged. Our big surprise was getting the right price, we started high and the market was changing week to week. Thanks to Jay he watched and advised. We did everything he suggested to the get price right. In a short time we had a contract and several weeks later 2 more offers. Our Realtor Jay – dependable, caring, knowledge of the market, frankness about what is going on, and his availability are the traits that we found in him. He was the best in putting photos online of the house and the flyers were very professional. Forgot to say that he is a great listener. We can not say enough about how Jay worked with us to get to this point. We feel as though we have found a new and good friend. We were never able to say this in previous home sales. 

Pat & Walt Hood

Christina and the Day Home team are the best!!! I listed 2 homes for sale last year with Christina and she was the most on the ball realtor that I have ever worked with. Both our homes sold to the first person that walked through and both closed within 45 days. She truly went above and beyond to meet our needs. We used another realtor a couple years prior and our home sat for over a year. I wish I had found Christina sooner. She gives you an accurate market analysis and what needs to be done to get your home sold. I am in the process now of listing another property with her. I hope we bat 3 for 3! I highly recommend Christina and the Day Home team!! Thank you for all your great work! I am excited to be listing with you again. 


When we decided to move to Taneytown from Bowie, Jay sold our house. It was in 2007 - the advice he gave us before putting our house on the market and the steps he took got us a contract in 18 days. When the first contract fell through, another contract was made the same day. Other houses on our block were still for sale six months later. For the state that the housing market was in 2007, that was amazing.

Gary Hicken

What a whirl wind of a week, it's offical WE SOLD OUR HOUSE! We would like to express our most heartfelt gratitude to Christina Cook Day with the Day Home Team. Christina was awesome from the start she is extremely organized, knows her markets, is 100% professional and has an AWESOME team she works with. A special thank you to Julie with the Day home team, Shari with Staged Above from Hagerstown, and Vicky with Excalibur Title & Escrow in Frederick. We could not have accomplished what we did without each of you being an intrical part of the process. THANK YOU Christina !!! Now, to start planning the next chapter in my non stop world with my Axline Boys

Donielle Axline

"The results were excellent. I sold my town house in what I believe was a reasonable amount of time. They were very helpful along the way, I was very pleased. There were several times where I think they went above and beyond. I needed some assistance throughout the sale and they were always available. I believe they responded back to me in record time and I think they do a great job."

Joe Hammond

My Realtor was extremely helpful to me throughout the whole process. I had an ordeal with my home where it flooded and I had to take it off the market and she was always there with good advice. They have extensive knowledge and experience and I really appreciated their honesty.

Cheryl Brawner

We desperately needed to rent our existing townhouse because we were moving into a newly built home. Christina thoroughly explained the process, provided fantastic staging tips, and found a qualified renter in such a short amount of time. Within two weeks of marketing our home, we had a signed lease agreement from our future renter. I highly recommend Christina. She’s awesome!

Mike & Shannon Combs

"The results were phenomenal because our house sold fast. We had listed with another realtor and the contract ran out. Then we listed with Jay Day and The Day Home Team in November. The house was settled by March 31st. Before they actually got the house listed, they come in and get you ready for the market they go above and beyond anybody I have ever seen before. They send in a stager to help you get your home ready and I never thought I needed to do anything to my house. She told me to move things around and made rooms look so much bigger. I think that was a definite plus for the showings that we had. Their whole marketing program, everything that they do, they put a lot of effort in the beginning and it made everything go smoothly throughout the whole process."

Holly McCall

I can't say enough good things about Jay Day and the Day Home Team! His responsiveness and his all around knowledge of the process is second to none. Jay and his team assisted us in selling our house and also buying a new house. We had a good opportunity to see how they work on both sides of buying and selling and I do not have one single complaint. In what can be a very stressful process (buying and selling a house) Jay and Christina made our experience smooth and as easy as it could be! I highly recommend Jay Day and the Day Home Team to everyone who will listen! 

Jesse Capaldo

Christina Lovell with Jay Day and the Home Team helped us with a tough sale. Their marketing strategy opened up our property to buyers who may not have seen it otherwise. She guided us through the whole process and was available to us ALL THE TIME! Whether it was phone, email, text or in person, she was there to answer questions. We highly recommend them!! 

Roy & Theresa Earp

“We were very satisfied with Christina, she did an excellent job putting everything together for us. The package was complete. My wife and I were very satisfied with everything - we sold our home within a week. Things moved so fast we didn't even really have a chance to put our pictures of the house online. It sold without them. People just came - we had five offers in the first week - so Christina was on the ball with that!”

Michael Gaskins

We would highly recommend the Jay Day team to anyone selling their home. The professionalism from beginning to end was unlike any we had experienced before. From the beautiful color brochures  to staging to web advertising, everything was absolutely the best. Not only was Christina always available anytime, the staff was knowledgeable and always willing to help in any way needed. They make you feel as if you are their only client. You can't go wrong with this team!!!!

Sheilah Leister

Communication, teamwork, knowledge of the field of Real Estate. Great team and glad we got them!

Brenda and Marlin Long

Gail Young

"The entire team was very professional. In terms of results, I felt like they gave us accurate information upfront in a timely manner to get our home listed and on the market. They did everything very quickly but again it was very timely. I felt very comfortable with that's what they guided us towards. With all that being said, we were able to list our home. We sold it within a day of listing it. They did a lot of "coming soon" marketing ahead of time, which I think was a key to the success.

On our side, we were able to find a home almost just as quickly because of their professionalism and ability to ensure that we found something that met our needs. One of the things Jay did was he met with my husband and I, he had told us ahead of time to do some homework and have a list of our individual needs and wants. We didn't cheat, we didn't look at each others lists, we sent them to Jay separately. That meeting was probably the best meeting we could have had when it came to purchasing a new home. He helped to get us on the same page and ensure that we, as a couple, were going to get something that was right for our family. I looked at that, and I say not every realtor does that. Sometimes they just go off of what you tell them at face value. When you dig into it a little bit deeper, there are some things that are in the grey area that you would accept or not accept when purchasing a new home, but you wouldn't have discovered that without a meeting like that. I think that was above and beyond. Another thing that they did that was above and beyond, that I haven't heard of many other companies doing, they provided a staging company for us for the sale of our home. It was a resource that we took full advantage of, she gave us guidance with what to do, in partnership with Jay's team. Christina helped us with that too, she was excellent. They gave us guidance on what to do to get our house in order for pictures and in showing condition. We did just about everything they guided us to."

Sara Carbonell

Christina was great! She got us closed in 90 days when our previous realtor got us nothing in 14 months. Great team with great service! They will be my realtor when I'm ready to buy again. No question!

Ty Bosnjak

I hired Jay after getting rid of a company that I didn’t feel was doing anything. From the day we hired Jay, I never had that feeling again. I’d never heard of a “Stager” before, but he brought one in, at his expense, to make the recommendations that would make the house more appealing. He and his staff worked hard, and “SUCCESS”. We SOLD! I would use Jay again without a second thought. We still stay in touch.

John Shaffer

Jay Day and the Day Home Team were fabulous from beginning to end. They are true professionals who know what they are doing. They provided extensive marketing and continuous updates. The property sold quickly at the price we were asking.

Janice Moulden

Sold a Townhouse home in 2016 in Frederick, MD. The Jay Day Team overall was great to work with! Helping with keeping me in the loop and really walking me through the process even with my crazy schedule was huge! Thanks again for everything!


Thomas Geary

Christina Lovell is the best agent I have ever dealt with...her experience and knowledge are powerful tools and she uses them well...she takes care of her clients like they are her family.

Michael Townsend

Exceptional customer service! We posted a listing to sell our townhouse on a Thursday evening. We had an offer by Sunday evening. JayDay gave excellent advice and recommendations which paid off............I will definitely use them to sell another home as well as buy.

Daniel Vanzego

“We sold our home - that simple! Our home was unique; most people think their home is unique and special to them, and often they are, but we had a very unique home in Carroll County. It was a fairly large home on some acreage, and it had some amenities in it that were different. We knew that it was going to take a very special buyer to buy our home, and Christina, who was the selling agent, was up to the challenge. She not only worked with us, she worked for us. She was wonderful. Because of the uniqueness of the house, we never got much foot traffic, but we never gave up. The people who ended up buying the home were dragging their feet, and because of her, I guess you could call it her "bubbliness," her effervescent personality, she was able to work with the buyer's agent to keep things moving along at a rapid pace!”

Lynn Bartholow