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Our Guarantee For Maryland & Pennsylvania Buyer Clients

Jay Day and The Day Home Team offers tailored programs for all of our buyer clients.  Allow our team's years of experience to be in your corner negotiating in your best interest. 

Our team is invested in your future and happiness with your home.  We want to ensure that our clients have the best quality of service working with us.  Jay Day and The Day Home Team has created two programs to ensure our buyer clients know they can depend on our team for over the top service.


Easy Exit Buyer's Agreement

We have found when first talking to potential buyer clients that they fear being locked into a long term agreement with a licensed real estate agent.  Most of the fear is that they do not know the agent and worry if they will stuck with an agent who is not working for them.  Getting stuck in a situation like this could be costly and uncomfortable.

We have listened and there is no need to worry about this when working with our team !  Jay Day and The Day Home Team eliminates that risk and removed the fear of buying your home with a licensed real estate agent. How you may ask do we do this? This is done by offering our EASY EXIT Buyer Agreement.

When you decide to work with our team you will sign a Buyer Agreement prior to seeing homes however we have a clause that you can cancel the agreement with us at any time before submitting an offer on a home.  You can do this via email, text or phone call. How easy is that?


Love It Or Leave It

When you are a client of Jay Day and The Day Home Team and you purchase a home with our team representing you, if for any reason you are not happy with the home, let us know within six months of the closing date. We will sell your home purchased through our buyer agent for free and will not charge a listing commission for the sale of that home! We know that we can locate you a home with will fit your needs that you will love. When purchasing with our team we want to ensure you love your home.

 How Can You Sign Up For This Program?

To qualify you must sign our Love It or Leave It contract prior to purchasing a home with our team and also purchase your new home using a buyer agent from Jay Day and The Day Home Team.

How Does It Work?

It's very simple: you will just need to notify us within your first six months after closing that you are not happy with your purchase. We will then list your home until it sells.

You will still be responsible for the "buyer agent or sub-agent commission" on the sale of the home with will be paid to the broker of the agent that brings the buyer to your home and a "broker compensation fee" of $695.  You will also be responsible for your portion of the closing costs on the sale of your home and the purchase of the new home.  


Contact us online or at 866-702-9038 anytime to learn more about the local home buying process.

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