Being located centrally to Washington DC and the technology hub offering tons of jobs, it is not uncommon for people to relocate to MD, PA, VA & WV.  Our team has assisted many out of state clients looking to relocate to this region, and in some cases, the home buyer has never actually stepped foot in the home prior to settlement. This may seem like a scary concept, however our team is here to help and to serve as your "feet on the ground" in your new home search. Below are some of the ways we are able to make the relocation process less stressful.


We know that traveling back and forth can be nearly impossible to see every home you want to see.  No worries, our team can assist in doing virtual showings while you are still out of state. Our agents have been known to take videos of the home, property and even surrounding neighborhood and are also available to do a FaceTime walk through with you.


After we find you " the one" via virtual showings, we can handle all necessary paperwork electronically.  We utilize electronic signatures to sign all contract forms, there is no need to do that in person or head to the area when this can all be handled via email. 


We suggest, if your schedule allows, for you to be present for the home inspection, but based on timing we know that is not always possible.  If you are unable to attend the inspection, there is nothing to worry about.  We will meet with the licensed home inspector and they will provide you with an extensive report detailing everything they find, along with photos. You will also have the opportunity to discuss any concerns you have from the report with the inspector.  If there are any negotiations regarding requested repairs, we can handle those electronically as well.


Again, we suggest that if possible you be present for the final walkthrough as this will be the last time to see the home prior to you becoming the new owner.  We understand that this is not always possible though. Our team is able to schedule a virtual live walkthrough of the property with you so you can put your eyes on the home prior to closing and ensure the condition of the home is acceptable. 


The final step is closing on the property.  We have assisted numerous clients with remote closings and can make all the necessary arrangements with the title company handling your settlement.  We will just need to know in advance if a remote closing is required as some documents will require "wet signatures" and the title company may coordinate a mail away or remote notary signing.  Once closing is complete we can either FedEx your keys or hold them until you are able to return to the area.


No matter what your situation is, we can work with you and get you into a new home if you are relocating.  We have successfully assisted many clients in their relocation over the years, you can read our google reviews and see how we helped make the process smooth and stress free! 

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