Podcast - December 16, 2022

For those looking to buy a home together this is a MUST listen podcast.  Jay breaks down his process for helping clients prioritize their wants and needs.  Tom and Jay discuss how this process works.   Also don't miss the house of the week which is a rancher located here in Frederick.
Transcribed Podcast:

Tom:  I'm Tom Whalen. I'm Jay Day and the Day Home Team of Real Estate Teams Real Estate Podcast here coming up on the winter solstice and Christmas. What's going on today?

Jay Day:  I know we can't believe we're getting this close to Christmas already. I know. It's sort of crazy. So I saw some articles and I wanted to sort of chat about those a little bit. And it's funny because we've had a, well, I've had a practice that I've taught my agents that I've been doing for over 15 years and it caught my eye because this article was called Prioritizing Your Wants and Needs as a Home Buyer in Today's Market. And the funny thing is, when my wife got into the business and started working on the team, she sort of made fun of me because she heard how I did my buyer consultations. And the first thing I say if I'm dealing with a couple is I want you to not work on this together. You need to work independently and I want you to come up with your wants and your needs or your must-haves and your wants. And I'm like, I don't want you to talk about it. I don't want you to share your list. I don't even want you to ask each other for opinions. I'm like, I want it totally separate. And then when we meet, we're going to go through it

Tom Whalen:  Together. That sounds totally legit, like a great idea.

Jay Day:  I mean, well cuz what you find, when I first got in the business, I didn't know what I was doing mean that was almost 19 years ago and I'm meeting people, I'm showing 'em houses and then, or even sometimes if you watch these HDTV shows, one of them loves it. The other ones have a totally opposite thought process. And I'm like, how can I help people not get into arguments in their relationships? And then also, how can I make sure I'm only showing things that are going to fit everyone's needs, not just one of the parties as opposed to both? Because there are, and sometimes it's funny cuz you'll see a list and it'll say, I want at least five acres. And you find out, well what are you looking for? Five acres for? It's privacy. And sometimes you can get a property with five acres that's right on the road and there's no privacy.

So it helps me delve into really what the wants and needs are. And one of the things that this came up with was that they want people to come up with a must-have, nice to have, and a dream state. To me, the dream state, especially the market which now limited inventory, that's a little tough. Working with two lists from two different people, working with lists from two different people is challenging enough. Cuz technically at that point you've got four lists but it is really important and that is what you want. And sometimes people think they w need something, but it's not something that they need. And it's funny cuz this has sort of been my mindset and things, even with the kids and stuff and raising the family growing up and oh I have to have this. And I'm like, you have to have a coat, you don't have to have that purse. It's really putting things in perspective, and think about it, for example, if you have a hole in your shoes, you probably really need shoes. If you just like these new shoes that came out, you would like to have them, but do you need them?

Tom Whalen:  Good point. Now I can imagine, I'm thinking about those couples talking about what they need separately. I would imagine you would you've witnessed some flashpoints.

Jay Day:   Oh, man. And my joke always was, I'm going to be helping you through, it's going to be a therapy session. I'm going to be the intermediary too and try to get to the point of figuring out what are the must-haves. Because let's say that two of the people that are the main people buying the couple, both work from home occasionally. Well, guess what that might mean? Two offices depending upon what their work is, if they have to make phone calls or be on Zoom calls or things, that's an important piece. Let's say that one of them hates football and one of them loves football. There's going to have to be a spot where there's a TV so that they can get away from each other so that one can yell at the tv. So all of these things sort of fall into place. And the same thing, let's say, for example, you have a family member that comes over and stays and they are only, they're wheelchair bound and they can't get upstairs.So this is something that comes into play of, okay, is there a place that could act as a bedroom on the main level? Is there a full bath as opposed to a half bath? Cuz if they come and they come to your house, let's say three times a year, and each time they're staying for a week, they're not going to bathe out of the sink. So these are all things that you have to really think about. And when people buy, I've talked about it before, it's all emotions. They have to feel it. It's gotta feel like home. And I'll give you a perfect example. And Christina was telling a buyer the other day because sometimes we forget, we do this for our work. And then when we're looking at it personally, we forget. So, before we bought our house over in Linganore, we were looking to move back to Frederick County, and maybe stay in Carroll County. We looked at little things there and I fell in love with this log home in Mount Airy, that overlooked a horse farm. It was absolutely gorgeous.

Tom Whalen:  Sounds like a dream home bud.

Jay Day:  A frame. I mean, absolutely amazing. We left there and I was like, we are buying this house. And Christina looked at me and said, so you don't have any, you're not worried about not having a garage. And I'm like, what do you mean? She's like, Jay, there's no garage. And she's like, you said that you needed to have a garage, you've had a garage with every house you've ever owned, even your townhouse. And you would know this Tom, the same thing in these mornings where you have to rush out of the house, having to clean your car off in the snow and stuff is a little bit of a pain.

Tom Whalen: Habit. That's a deal breaker for a lot of people. Once you live with that, you can't go back.

Jay Day: So because she knew what I needed and I got my emotions involved, I was like, what are you talking about? I didn't even realize there was no garage

Tom Whalen:  In the house. Well, you loved the house, man. Yeah, it was a dream home for you.

Jay Day   And then she was like, well, we could always build a detached. And I'm like, I'm not dealing with all that

Tom Whalen: Crap.

Jay Day: So

Tom Whalen: Build yourself a little log cabin in the backyard.

Jay Day: Oh, man. I'm telling you, it was just so funny because I was, as Christina would say, I was smitten with that house and I was like, this is it. I was picturing the tall Christmas tree, watching the snow coming down, and seeing the horses.

Tom Whalen: Sure, yes,

Jay Day: I had it

Tom Whalen: All.

Jay Day:  And I didn't realize there wasn't a garage. So now the house we're in, we have a three car garage.

Jay Day: So it was one of those things. And the same thing when we first started looking, I wanted acreage because I don't know, I thought I needed to have a big lot to be able to have a pool. Well, guess what? I live in Linganore on a tiny lot and we got a pool put in. And then if I want to go walking around and get away from everything, there are trails, there are all types of things. And I don't need to have it in my yard to worry about having to maintain it. So again, it's just digging into those details. But like I said, it's really important that you are pinpoint-focused on what you want. And if you're thinking about buying, honestly, just reach out to us. Don't try to go through this exercise yourself because it's hard because think about it, Tom. Let's say that I have my list. You have your list and my must-have I put them on there for a reason because I must have them.

Tom Whalen: You must have

Jay Day: Them. Yes. Same for you. So if we're trying to buy something together and I'm going to try and convince you mine are more important, you're going to try and convince me yours are more important. So it's going to create tension in a relationship that doesn't need to exist.

Tom Whalen: No. No. Does not need to be there.

Jay Day:  No. So having the agent involved can sort of help with that in my opinion. I love it. There are times when people think they want to do something, but you have to get down to a, why do you need to live in the same house? Or can you live close by? Do you need this? And it's digging down into that. And that's when you really help people and then you know, help the light bulb goes off. They're like, oh, I guess I don't need that. Or someone wants something. You're like, now you realize this home doesn't have a basement. So where are you going to store all the stuff that you said you have accumulated over the years? Or when the grandkids come over, where are they going to hang out? You only have one family room. Are you going to be comfortable having them in there when I know you have these antiques?So it's all this type of stuff that you need to remind people of. I mean, sometimes we'll see people fall in love with the house and we know they've told us they have four kids and none of them are over the age of seven and two bedrooms. It's a split foyer. Two bedrooms are on the upper, and two are on the lower. And the first thing I say is, okay great, the house is beautiful and this is before we go see it. The house is beautiful. I looked at it online. I just want to ask you a question. Are you going to be comfortable with two of your kids sleeping in the basement? Oh, I didn't realize that. So then they don't even have, they don't go look at the house. Sure. They don't get their hopes up. Okay. It's bringing them back to that. You know what they need and what they have to have. So I had some other things to talk about, but I've sort of rambled a lot on that one.

Tom Whalen: It's really important. That is so important. That's why, and I go on and on and on to call these guys because you don't wanna if you were to concede on a point and go ahead and buy it, that would fester for years and years and years and years. Oh yeah. On something you thought you wanted, you conceded eventually that's going to come to the

Jay Day:  Surface. And think about it, Tom. I mean, I don't have to go a lot. If you go and you buy a car, it's a transactional thing. Most of the time you buy the car, you never see the salesperson again. You're done with real estate. We stay in touch with our clients. I mean, how many times did I say to you, you know, guys love the house? Is everything good?

Tom Whalen: You want to know.

Jay Day: Really do because

Tom Whalen: Are we happy? Happy? Are we happy? We still love you. Yeah.

Jay Day: And the thing was, it took us a little bit longer, but we had to get to that. What do we want and need? What makes the most sense,

Tom Whalen: I guess. Yeah. Listen, these guys aren't going to pressure you into something you don't want. It's just the point that I've been trying to make. I mean this.

Jay Day: Yeah, well, it's like I said, yours was a perfect example. And we're like that with everybody. We just don't, there's no reason to put all the pressure on people and sometimes we're going to have to bring you back to the center to say, Hey, I know you wanted this, but I, let's talk about it again. We'll just change because sometimes dynamics can change but All right, so you're ready for the house of the week.

Tom Whalen: Yes.

Jay Day: All right. 8104. A Broadview Drive in Frederick is listed for $365,000. This is a great, convenient location. No city taxes. All brick rancher tucked in a quiet neighborhood, offers lower level in-law. All para suite, easy access to shopping dining, and downtown Frederick Main level kitchen offers granite counters, tile backsplash, newer cabinets, and all new stainless steel appliances. Includes a formal living room and a family room with the bricks around the wood-burning fireplace, sliding glass door that leads out from the dining area to the rear deck, which overlooks the level lawn back into mature trees down the halls, A primary bedroom, aka a master bedroom and bath, along with two additional bedrooms and another full bath. The finished lower level has a second full kitchen family room, wood stove bedroom, and a walkup stair leading to the rear yard. Includes a new roof, newer windows, and off-street parking. All of this, the big items have been updated. And you can be right in Frederick close to downtown. There are so many cool things, so many great restaurants, and shopping, all for $365,000. If you go to wfre.com, look up Tom and Jay's real estate podcast. You'll see photos. If you like what you see, click on the button and one of our agents will give you a private tour of the great home.

Tom Whalen: I'm  Tom

Jay Day: I'm Jay.

Tom Whalen: Merry Christmas. Talk to you the Friday before.

Jay Day: Yep. There we go.

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